Casement windows

Casement windows, Picture windows, Single hung windows, Double Hung windows

At EQUAL WINDOWS, we provide clients with the best of Casement windows, Picture windows, Single hung windows and Double Hung windows amongst others.

Several folks assume that the style of home replacement window is simply a superficial option – however window styles transcends beyond just the looks, as they completely provide a functional difference, too.

Choosing the picture-perfect window style can intensely improve the overall look of your property, both within and out. You may desire for your home to be cozy or chilly in the winter moments or may desire for your windows to open and close comfily or love for them to have easy cleaning and maintenance system or just the perfect one that will match your home’s architecture.

Whatever is your choice for windows, the styles have everything to do with meeting your needs as much as its costs.

That is why at EQUAL WINDOWS, we install the ultimate of Casement windows, Picture windows, Single hung windows and Double Hung windows – to your satisfaction and top quality requirements.

Double hung and single hung windows are very comparable to each other, but for one major dissimilarity. With double hung windows, you get both sashes in the window frame functional, meaning they move up and down. The sashes on the double hung windows can also slant in for easy cleaning.

With single hung windows – the top sash is fitted in place and does not move or tilt in, however the bottom is operable.

The double hung windows are great choices for folks living in dusty zones as they are much easier to clean.

The Casement windows provide maximum ventilation for your property.

Whatever is your window style choice for your home or office, you may desire one that provides lots of fresh air, or one that provides very little air infiltration. Typically – windows with the most functioning panes or sashes will permit for the most air flow. For instance, casement windows are great at letting in huge volume of air, as closely as the whole window can be opened.

And if on the other side, you desire windows that are very air tight and permit little to no air exchange, we still have the custom tailored ones to fulfill your dreams.

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