About Equal Windows

Equal Windows has been established in 2002 to offer high quality services and products in the whole Los Angeles, CA. We specialize in windows installation and repair. We offer different services such as:

  • Windows Installation
  • Vinyl Window Upgrade
  • Vinyl Window Repair
  • Vinyl Window Installation
  • Double Pane Window

Here at Equal Windows, our main objective is to help our valued clients to have the best pieces of windows on their homes that will not just keep them feeling comfortable inside their homes but will also add beauty to their houses as well. We are committed to providing top quality replacement windows that we install at a very affordable price.

We work closely with different companies that supply the market with high quality windows which include Milgard, Anlin Windows, Superior Windows, Simonton Windows and a lot more. Our business is a family owned company which has been focusing its attention mainly on high volume of installations which have direct efficiency on the best possible pricing for our customers which help to keep their expenses within their tight budget.

Through the years, we’ve been installing energy efficient windows, helping our clients to reduce the cost of their monthly electrical bills. Our supply is complete with high quality sashes and frame, air tight insulating chambers, compression bulb seal, warm-edge spacer system and industrial multi-layer weather stripping that enable block air penetration for lessened cooling and heating prices. We offer windows in different styles to choose from, allowing our valued clients to pick the best for their needs and their budget. We are more concerned about giving the best for our clients as we are after their trust and satisfaction which will then lead our company to success.

Why Should You Hire Us?

Equal Windows is always committed to giving high quality windows to our clients. We want to give the best value for your money and we care more about seeing the smiles on the faces or our customers instead of thinking of how we can earn more. We give time to ensure that we are able to meet the expectations of our clients. In case that we failed, we are making our very best until we see what we were expecting right from the moment you get in touch with us.

Our company has attained the success it enjoys today with the help of our dedicated team. Our company carefully picks and hires hardworking and dedicated professionals. Our personnel possess the required skills and knowledge and experience in this field. We have them equipped with high quality tools for windows installation and we ensure that the windows we install are all in good condition.

When it comes to pricing, rest assured that you will not be pleased with our service quality only but also with our pricing. We believe that high quality services do not need to be pricey.

Equal Windows is always ready to assist you with your needs. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us.