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Our goal at Equal Windows is to help our clients by providing quality window replacement services in the Sherman Oaks area.
We are partner Dealers with the best quality window companies in the market. These partners include: Milgard, Fleetwood, Anlin windows, Simonton Windows, Superior Windows, Jeld Wen Windows, Kolbe windows and doors, Marvin windows, Integrity windows, Windsor windows, and ply gem windows.

We are a family owned window company who works on a high volume of properties. Our installation and replacement services are efficient and effective. We provide services which have direct efficiency while also maintaining a low price to help our customers stay within their budget.

Why Choose Equal Windows For Your Glass Repair Needs?

Here at Equal Windows we only use the highest quality manufacturers. We seek out the absolute best products so that our customer can benefit from our installation service. We are experts in the window industry and we make it our goal to find the newest technology and products available so that we can start offering them to our customers.

Our customers benefit directly from our knowledge because they don’t have to spend their time researching and reading up on different products. We simply make a few recommendations and go from there.

You can trust Equal Windows as your window replacement consultant who will make sure that you are happy with the end result of the service.

Energy Efficiency: The windows that we use and provide are designed for energy savings. Quality-made frame and sashes, airtight insulating chambers, compression bulb seal, industrial multi-layer weather-stripping, and a Warm-Edge Spacer System all facilitate and block air penetration for reduced heating and cooling prices. Read more about this on another website here:

UV Protection: Compared to a transparent, insulated glass unit from typical windows, all of our windows feature the latest LoE³-340 glass, that is over simply a solar management glass; its advanced style provides a awfully low U-Factor of zero.25 and a SHGC of zero.18.

Double Pane, Vinyl, Milgard, & Soundproof Window Services

Equal Windows in Sherman Oaks, California offers repair, installation, and replacement services for double pane, vinyl, Milgard, and soundproof windows in your home or business.

What ends up happening when we install these high quality products is that you directly benefit from the additional comfort and energy savings that come from the install.

If you want more information about Milgard vinyl windows, look at our article: Why Milgard Vinyl Windows Are Good For Your Home

Whenever the weather is bad, you will see that your stress levels are greatly reduced because you no longer have to worry about your windows failing. Carpets, furniture, and walls nearby will thank you because the windows have been replaced and no longer leak.

Noise Reduction: Double- and triple-pane glass with noble gas, combined with exceptional protection technologies, facilitate keep outside noise from disrupting your home’s peaceful surroundings.

Window replacement & installation services in Sherman Oaks, CA

Window replacement & installation services in Sherman Oaks, CA

Your Lower Energy Bills Will Offset The Cost Of Window Replacement

Each and every household that we work on will oftentimes thank us in the future for their savings on their energy bills. Now that there are new windows in their home, the draft and leakage has completely gone away. In turn, they will notice that their energy bill will greatly go down on hot days and freezing days.

At some point in time, you will want to think about changing the windows in your home. Just like repainting, remodeling, and anything else that you want to add or change in your home, windows are a big deal. If you are wanting to get a quote on a new window installation, do not hesitate to give Equal Windows a call. We are Sherman Oaks local expert for anything related to windows.

An Odd Home Improvement?
Finishing up a replacement job on a residential property

Finishing up a replacement job on a residential property

Some people would call a window changing a weird home improvement. But here at Equal Windows, we greatly recommend that you consider replacing your windows if you want to make your home look great and increase the value. Our customers are surprised by how much the looks of the rooms are improved when we add a new window or replace an old window.

Cost of Our Replacement and Installation Services

Cost of our products and services varies pretty greatly. It completely depends on the current status of your home as well as the work station that is provided. If we have to do a lot of work to the surrounds of the window, then you may see that the cost is higher. That is why we like to consider ourselves professional window consultants. We can give you an exact cost and estimate on the scope of work because we are able to foresee all complications and issues in the work space before they even arise.

From there, you will be able to decide whether or not you want to choose us for the service on your home. We provide you a great backup warranty on our services so that you can be confident in choosing us. We have been in business in decades and do not plan on going anywhere so do not hesitate to give us a call if you are looking to have some window services done on your property.

Choosing Your New Window
Aluminum windows on the exterior of a home in Sherman Oaks

Aluminum windows on the exterior of a home in Sherman Oaks

Choosing the type of window is another difficult thing that you will have to do if you are going to get a replacement service. It might help if you look up some of the popular brands that we use and take a look at what there is to offer. But oftentimes customers are clueless on what to look for. That is why we simply recommend that you give us a call so that we can make recommendations and help you along with your choice. We can tell you exactly what will work and won’t work for your home and area and current situation. This is very valuable for customers who may not have a clue as to what they are looking at on the Window shopping websites.

Sometimes it helps to simply get in touch with us so we can quickly make recommendations and begin educating you on the process of changing windows. This is a daunting task for some homeowners because it can get expensive. What are the benefits of replacing your windows?

You don’t want to be spending thousands, if not tens of thousands of dollars on a new renovation in your home without being fully educated. That is why we are in business to help you make the right decision, not to sell you the latest and greatest technology that will make us the fastest dollar possible. We are in business to help our customers long-term.